Development Team Mentoring

Have you ever come across a “team” where there is a “specialist” with specific business knowledge?

The word team, at least to us, means that all members are should be equal in terms of knowledge and ability. It may be true that you have people with stronger abilities than others but we also believe shared information creates a better structure which is more resilient and better able to communicate.

Does your team work in an open plan office where no-one hardly speaks?

Communication amongst software developers can be pretty poor at times. Having an open office removes a barrier to communication but does nothing to promote it. The more modern thinking companies such as Google have left those days far behind. Co-workers are actively encouraged to take time away from the desk to discuss ideas and their current workload.

Provided that you measure the time spent in these sessions you’ll quickly see the benefits. We can show you how to introduce these and make them productive whilst keeping the time spent relatively short.

Working With Your Team

If you already have a team of developers working on a project we are always keen to work with them. Sometimes we’ll bring in new skills and transferring those to your team is a key part of what we can offer. This could be a formal training session or at the desk guidance and technical code reviews.

Getting The Team To Buy In

We like to keep people focused on the goals and that may need to involve managers and developers alike. Setting clear milestones and deliverables and having dates to aim for keeps people aware of how the project is progressing.


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