IT Consultancy Services

Our larger SME and corporate clients often need a focused and flexible approach especially in the early days of a project. Whether it is some initial design work or simply listening to your issues we’ll do whetever we can to help bring about the changes you need. We can work at your business location to better understand your requirements and those of the business.

The founder of Dynamic Desk, started out providing consultancy services back in 1988 providing expertise within the Financial Services sector. After many successful years supplying IT solutions to Investment Management companies and Banks it was clear that the cutting edge IT solutions which we wished to provide lay in other market sectors. The business diversified to provide IT consultancy for many companies including…

Public Sector

  • Winchester Council
  • Commercial Medicines Unit (Department Of Health)

Large Corporates

  • International Accountancy Practice (One of the Big Four)
  • Petrofac (Oil and Gas Facility Engineering)

Smaller Local Business

  • Andrew Heard (Hardwood Log Supplier)


  • Intellectual Property Online (Trademark Protection Software)
  • FatFace (Clothing Retail)
  • OCS (Facilities Management)
  • Exeter Protechnic (GP Systems)

Our engagements typically start out with an initial study of the client’s needs. Following this we would mutually agree an ongoing arrangement for the project. This might be as little as a few months. However, a few of our clients have required a specific commitment lasting up to 2 years and beyond. We pride ourselves on working with people to ensure that the best solutions are found to help your business develop.


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