Software & Project Consultancy

IT Consultancy Services

Our larger SME and corporate clients often need a focused and flexible approach especially in the early days of a project. Whether it is some initial design work or simply listening to your issues we’ll do whetever we can to help bring about the changes you need. We can work at your business location to better understand your requirements and those of the business.

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Development Team Mentoring

The word team, at least to us, means that all members are should be equal in terms of knowledge and ability. It may be true that you have people with stronger abilities than others but we also believe shared information creates a better structure which is more resilient and better able to communicate.

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Project Management

Large projects can quickly become unwieldy and difficult to manage. The traditional waterfall approach to project management is too cumbersome whilst many feel that the 100% agile approach is far too loose to keep under control.

We feel that projects just need to be managed, sometimes it makes sense to have some documentation to accurately describe where the boundaries are. If you communicate effectively within the team and to all affected parties you can keep documentation to a suitable level. It’s about being effective and choosing the right method for the right project.

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